September 25, 2023
Find or Look for Email Address

10 Tools to Find/Look for Email Address of Anyone

There are many reasons to search/look for email address, including the following.

  • Website to submit your product for inclusion in their blog post
  • Expand your network
  • Potential B2B customers
  • We can help you promote your services

I was able instantly to access almost any email address.

You might say, “Why not use the contact page?” I tried, but it was not successful. It is impossible to know the destination email address for a contact page.


Hunter has become a very popular email finder to search/look for email using domain name.

You can filter the results list by email type, such as personal or generic. This will allow you to decide if you wish to contact someone directly or support/helpdesk.

Hunter also provides additional information such as title, phone number, social network profile, and telephone number.

Do not stop with just receiving an email. Hunter allows you to verify the delivery so that you can be certain your message will arrive.

Find the Right Lead

The name implies that you can get your corporate email on any website in just one click. Get the lead got an amazing lead manager dashboard that allows you to manage your leads and do the following.

  • Search for leads – search by name to find the right person.
  • Search for domains – Find all emails associated with that domain.
  • Whois Lookup – Find domain registration information.
  • Email Verifier – verify that the email is valid.

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder allows you to verify and find any email address via web and API.

Anymail finder provides deliverability verification by performing server validation on billions of web pages servers.

Bulk Search functionality is useful if you’re targeting large numbers of domains for leads.


EmailCrawl is ideal for site owners and developers to access website information via JSON API.

The API calls returns the following useful information about the domain.

  • Email address
  • Social account
  • Email address deliverability

It’s easy to get it going with just 200 queries per month.

Voila Norbert

You don’t just need to locate leads. Norbert let you start a conversation about the lead so that your team knows if you have contacted them or any other comments.

You can send an email to Norbert once you have found your target lead and you will be able to keep track of it. This makes it easy to manage all your outreach efforts from one place.

Find the Right Email

The yellow pages of email,, helps you search millions of companies around the world.

You will see the confidence level of the result, which can be used to help you select the best candidate for the lead. The following are some other benefits.

  • Get bulk emails
  • Chrome extension can be used to locate prospects on social media profiles
  • Verify emails
  • Integrate with over 500 apps
  • If you are looking to integrate your application with API-ready,


AeroLeads has been rated the best email verifier and finder tool by millions of marketers around the globe. AeroLeads software allows you to find business email addresses and phone numbers on professional platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing.

AeroLeads has a chrome extension that you can also install.


Skrapp instantly finds any email address and allows you to verify it within the tool. To save time, you can filter duplicates and do bulk searches using CSV sheets.

To Look for emails, you simply need to enter your first and last names. Developers can also access the solution via their API endpoint.

You can start with a free plan to get started, then you can upgrade to a premium plan starting at $34/month.


LinkedIn is a popular destination for potential clients and business owners. Wiza makes it easy to extract verified emails from LinkedIn in just a few clicks. Its AI technology can quickly process large numbers of emails and create a structured sheet that you can export.

It is a Chrome Extension so you don’t need to do much other than installing it and setting up it. This takes only a few minutes.

You have the option to either pay as you go, or choose a fixed plan that starts at $50/month.


You can use Minelead to scrape emails from any domain. You can use every feature for free, except that you may need to wait a bit between searches. It is amazing that such a wonderful solution can be so free. They are very generous.

They offer browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome to make it easier. If you’re interested, you can also use their API and provide documentation.


I hope you find the email finder tools useful in your outreach to increase sales.

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