June 7, 2023
Return too many items on Amazon

Return too many items on Amazon? Will Amazon Ban your Account?

In essence, you can return any item without explanation so you purchase them in the first 30 days. They will even cover return shipping in the event that your item isn’t in good condition or doesn’t meet the description. If you’re an Amazon customer within the United States, you must be extremely satisfied with their customer service and their large return policy, particularly when you purchase products delivered and purchased through Amazon.

But, this doesn’t mean you can’t misuse the system and use it for an opportunity to try it out or rent it. Amazon, a Seattle-based company, has stepped up its security and over the past couple of years, many Amazon account have had their accounts shut down whenever customers ask for refunds too often and there’s no recourse to contest the decision. So, what’s the maximum amount of refunds and how to ensure that you don’t get barred by Amazon?

What’s the return policy? When can Amazon stop you from using their services?

Amazon collects data from every transaction you make, and cease doing business with you if they are unable to pay. At present, nobody has a precise return policy. In my situation I’ve spent a lot of money on Amazon over the past 5 years. I have signed to join the Prime membership, and I spend about $1200 a month on Amazon. I shop for nearly everything I can on the site which includes everything from basic items such as books, groceries toilet paper, and even expensive electronic devices and laptops. This means that I return items that don’t match my expectations. In the past two months, I returned a couple of items per month, and the amount of refund items was greater than what I kept. This is the reason I was warned by Amazon:

“We’re writing to express our regrets for the numerous problems you’ve had with your packages. Our correspondences show that you’ve requested refunds on a majority of orders due to several causes .”

They also stated that I was experiencing an unusually high percentage of problems , and they’ll review each account on a case-by basis and may shut down my account if needed. It’s a good thing that this is only an alert and Amazon would like to collaborate with me in order to avoid the worst-case scenario. They advised me to follow Amazon rules or either Amazon accounts for selling and buying will be shut down.

I tried accessing my order history on the site but it refused to sign in, or redirect my to the library of digital contents. However, I was able to review my purchases through my Amazon App on my smartphone. In the last six months, I bought more than 104 items and then returned 18 items, which means the return rate is about 17 percent of the total value of items purchased. In addition, the value of items returned is just under 10% of the total purchase.

The Returns Center page, Amazon states that they will issue a full refunds for brand new, unopened products sold as fulfilled Amazon for 30 calendar days. The majority my items were not in mint condition, which could be one of the reasons they chose to penalize my account.

I wrote Amazon an email to contest the decision, but they decided not to reinstate my account, and stated that the decision was final. It’s quite shocking because they’ve delivered me the wrong item. For instance I placed an order for an apron and a snow pant, but received an Apron.

Version 1 My wife returned a bicycle she bought with her account. A few days later, Amazon decided to cancel both accounts due to not meeting the requirements of the conditions of Use agreement. They told me that I could not sign up for a new account, or make purchases using a different account through the website. All orders that were open were cancelled and I could only access digital content that I had purchased from the account. I had more than $100 on my balance on my gift cards. Amazon was willing to issue the refund. I received the check in my mail within a week.

2. 2: As the time my Amazon.com customer account was banned and all other services, including Amazon Seller and Amazon Associates accounts were also shut down. After contacting customer support and explaining why I was an important customer, they looked into the matter and then sent me a second email to welcome me back in the programmed. After that, I’ve been using the account to shop and earning on the internet for a while, and haven’t had any issues until now.

“I’m extremely sorry to have had to cancel your Associates account using Associate ID, as we’ve been informed that the associated Amazon.com account would be shut after 24 hours. If you ever want to reconsider, we’ll be happy to welcome you back into the program under an email address that is different. You are able to apply for the creation of a new Associates account at any time. The balance that is not paid that you owe will be paid within 60 days of the conclusion of the month. You’ll receive monthly payments reports as well as periodic announcements about tools, features and other features for 60 days following the close of the month. We’re looking forward meeting you again.”

How to avoid being suspended

If you get the warning email, immediately examine the details of your Amazon account to determine any unusual activity on your account. If you have returned a lot of items recently, you must be able to justify the reason and remember to take a picture when the product is damaged or not what you purchased. You should then send an email to [email protected] and explain the reason for your order.

If you’re committing fraud by using the system and are returning items for no legitimate reason Stop immediately and inform them via email that you’ll be more cautious when purchasing items from them in the near future. Make sure to keep the rate of returns less than 10 percent. A few banned users have claimed that Amazon shut down their accounts once the rate of return exceeded 10%, therefore it’s best to reduce the rate as much as you can.

After I sent Amazon an email I got a courteous answer from Amazon and my account should be fine.


Thank you for writing to us , and we apologize for any miscommunications that may have occurred with that email.

We’re concerned about the activities in your account and we want to do everything we can to prevent the hassle you face when having to carry out frequent and perhaps unnecessary returns of products you buy on Amazon.com and any delivery issues that arise with your purchases.

We contacted you to ensure we could gain a better understanding of the transactions on your account and discover how you can enhance the shopping experience.

Your account is still accessible and ready for use. If you have any questions about your order, please contact our customer support and they’ll assist you to resolve the issue.

We are grateful for your understanding, and we hope to see you again in the near future.

Best Regards,

Account Specialist

Many people think that online shopping is comparable to shopping in a store This means that you can test out items and return in the event that you’re not happy. Amazon makes it simple and cost-free to make returns. You can send them back by mail or drop them the items off in Whole Foods, Kohl’s or an UPS Store. But, their system will analyze your purchases history and will label the account “Concession Use”. They will not accept returns on all your subsequent orders. If you are found to be violating the policy the account will be suspended permanently.

When you initiate a return you’ll be asked the reason for returning such as damaged or defective items or exchange for a different size or color, or. Be sure to answer this question in a professional manner because Amazon will examine the item to determine the condition. Your account may be suspended if they find that there is no issue with the product.

In addition, you could have a problem if purchase a large number of clothes on Amazon to try and then only keep a handful. If you are shopping for clothes you must find items that are that are eligible to be included in Prime Wardrobe. It’s completely free to Prime Members and permits you to test up to eight items at one time. You can then keep the items that works for you and return any other items without penalty.

Another tip is to stay clear of purchasing large items such as furniture or bicycles from Amazon. They’re often damaged and if Amazon will accept a return for free the chances are they will make an expense for the transaction. If this occurs repeatedly it is likely that they don’t be inclined to keep doing deal with your.

In a recent announcement, Amazon mentioned that they have the right to close accounts when they spot the presence of extreme abuse. However, this occurs only after they carefully examine the account and work with the customer for an extended period.

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