September 25, 2023
Set Up SIM Card Lock

How to Set Up SIM Card Lock On Android Phone

Although you can secure the security of your Android Phone with a Lock Screen password and encryption of your data, it may still be abused if someone has access to you SIM Card. You can set up SIM Card Lock on your Android Phone and prevent your SIM Card Data from being used in a fraudulent manner.

SIM Card Lock On Android Phone

SIM Card Lock is a feature that is available on most smartphones and has been available for quite a while. But, few Android users take advantage of this feature in order to add an additional layer of security to their Android phones.

Although the SIM Card lock On Android Phone will not stop a criminal from replacing their SIM Card with a new one, it will protect Your SIM Card Data and prevents any unauthorized usage by unauthorized users of the Phone plan.

The SIM Card holds information about your number, your the billing details, Contacts and other information that could be misused if someone decides to take away from your SIM Card and place it inside their device, or thinks of alternative ways of damaging Your SIM Card.

Set Up SIM Card Lock on Android Phone

Before you begin the steps required to set up SIM Card Lock on your Android Phone, make sure that you have the current PIN of Your SIM Card. You can locate this information on the Carriers website or phone your Carrier.

If you do don’t try to figure out the SIM PIN as you could be left with an unlocked SIM Card in case you enter the wrong number of times.

Once you have figured out the default PIN to the SIM Card, follow the instructions below to enable SIM Card Lock on Android Phone.

1. From the Home Screen of your Android Phone, tap on Settings.

2. On the Settings Screen, scroll to the bottom and click on the Lock Screen and Security option that is located in the section marked”Personal” “Personal” (See image below)

3. On the next screen, scroll down , and select the Additional security Settings option.

4. On the “Other Security settings screen”, click on the Create SIM Card Lock option (See the image below)

5. On the next screen, switch to the Lock SIM Card option by moving the slider towards ON Position (See the image below)

6. Next, you will be presented with a screen. Enter the current SIM PIN, then tap OK to activate SIM Card Security on the Android Phone.

Change Default SIM PIN

Once you’ve enabled SIM Card Lock to the Android Phone, you will have to change your standard SIM PIN into a different four-digit SIM PIN or else it will be very easy for anyone to utilize your default SIM PIN to access the Android Phone.

1. Tap on Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Other Security Settings > Set up SIM Card Lock

2. Next, tap on the Change SIM card’s PIN option.

3. You will see an op-screen, enter the current or default SIM PIN and click OK.

4. You will see another pop-up asking users to input your new PIN. Enter a brand new four-digit number and click on OK

5. Again, you will be presented with a pop-up prompting you to confirm your new PIN. Enter the New PIN and tap on OK.

6. Power off your Android Phone by Pressing and Holding your power Button until you see the ‘Power OFF option displayed on your phone. Press Power OFF to turn off power to the device.

If you start the Android Phone, you will be asked for the SIM PIN. It will be impossible to use your phone without entering the four-digit SIM PIN.

How to Unblock SIM Card

As we mentioned earlier the SIM card is likely to be locked if it is entered with an invalid SIM PIN at least three times. If this happens it is possible to unlock the SIM Card by logging in to your account with the Carrier.

The steps involved in Unlocking SIM may differ depending on the service provider. The general principle is to sign in to your account, and then locate your PIN Unlock Key (PUK) that is associated to you SIM Card. After you have received the PUK Code and enter it, you’ll be able unlock your SIM Card by entering your PUK Code.

1. Login to your Account with the service provider.

2. Locate Unblock SIM Card option, and then click it. This will open a brand new window or pop-up with the PUK Code for Your SIM Card.

3. Next, enter the PUK code on the phone’s screen to deactivate the SIM and then create an entirely new PIN.

Notice: Entering an incorrect PUK code more than once can lead to the SIM becoming disabled or locked. If this occurs, you’ll be required to contact your provider to request a new SIM card.

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