June 7, 2023
Quit or Leave Microsoft Teams

How to Quit or Leave Microsoft Teams Group

If you’re no longer a member of an Microsoft Teams Group, you might want to quit the particular Team. The following are the steps needed to Leave the Team within Microsoft Teams.

Steps to Resign from Team to leave Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams

Start Microsoft Teams > click on Teams Icon > locate the Team you’d like to quit, click the 3-dot menu icon, then choose the Leave the Team option from the dropdown menu.

When the confirmation pop-up appears Click on the Leave Teams button to confirm.

What happens when you leave Your Team?

If you quit an Team that you have left, you will not receive any new messages from the team you have left. Your messages from the past will remain in the group for the entire group to view.

When the Team was formed in conjunction with an Organization that you are part of, you remain a part to the Organization and are not being removed from a specific Team as well as Project.

How do I leave an organization within Microsoft Teams?

An Organization is in the upper tier of the hierarchy within Microsoft Teams and is usually controlled by an Administrator who has the root access to all that occurs within the system.

However, you will be allowed leave an organization. Leave an Organization, even in the case that you are only an employee with restricted access.

To exit an Organization To leave an Organization, visit the My Apps page then You will be taken to log in to your School and Work Account (if you’re not signed in).

In the screen for Accounts, you can click your profile picture, then click on the Gear Shaped Settings Icon > click on the Leave Organization link, located just below the Organization you wish to depart from.

Notice: You need to an email address for a school, Work or Organization Email address to be able to use this method.

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