September 25, 2023
Recovery Mode

How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

It is generally accepted that iPhone Recovery Mode is utilized to repair a malfunctioning and damaged system operating on iPhone or iPad which is experiencing issues. Below are the steps needed to Enter Recovery Mode for every model of iPhone.

Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

iPhone Recovery Mode is an inherent safety mechanism created to protect the iPhone as well as iPad from sustaining further damage in the event of going through issues.

When an iPhone goes into Recovery Mode, it automatically starts the ‘iBoot second stage loader program. It is designed to verify the firmware and run various tests to verify that everything is working just as they should be in your phone.

Apple suggests that you use Recovery Mode, if iPhone is stuck at Apple Logo, iTunes is unable to acknowledge your iPhone and you are seeing a “Connect to iTunes” screen on your iPhone.

Recovery Mode is also a way to unlock a disabled iPhone or to unlock the device using USB restricted Mode and to fix an iPhone that is not able to update software.

Steps to Enter Recovery Mode on All Models of iPhone

For you to force iPhone to go into Recovery Mode You will require an Mac or Windows PC with the most current version of iTunes installed as well as an adapter cable to connect your iPhone to your computer (charging cable).

1. Connect iPhone to the computer with the charging cable.

2. Open the Finder on your Mac (macOS Catalina or later). If you’re running an older version macOS or Windows PC, Open iTunes (If iTunes is already open shut down iTunes and then open it up again).

3. Follow the steps below to start Recovery Mode that is applicable to your version of iPhone.

iPhone 8 and later: Press and release the Volume Up button. Press and release the Volume Down button. Then Hold and press the button on the left (Power Button) until you can get to your Recovery Mode screen.

iPhone 7 and Plus Hold and press the Volume Down and Side buttons simultaneously. Continue to hold them until you can see the Recovery Mode screen.

iPhone 6 or earlier: Press and hold the Home as well as Side (Power) buttons simultaneously. Hold them until you are able to see the Recovery Mode Screen (iTunes Logo and Cable).

NOTE: Do not release the button when you are seeing an iPhone beginning by displaying the Apple Logo. Continue to hold the button until you are able to see the The Recovery Mode Screen.

4. Update or Restore iPhone Using iTunes

If your device enters recovery mode, you’ll be greeted with a pop-up screen of your PC, allowing you to update or restore your device.

If you choose to select an Update Option, iTunes will try to install the most recent version of the software onto your gadget, but without erase any of its information.

If you choose”Restore” in the Restore choice, iTunes will completely erase all data stored on your device. It will also install the latest application for your iPhone.

In both instances, you must patiently sit and wait iTunes to complete the download of the application to your iPhone. If the download process is taking more than fifteen minutes, and your iPhone goes into recovery mode, let the download process to finish, and then repeat step 3.

5. Setup iPhone Using Backup or as New Device

When the Update/Restore procedure is completed, you will see your iPhone beginning with the “Hello” screen.

Follow the on-screen directions until you arrive at the ‘Apps & Data’ screen. Choose the Restore using iCloud or iTunes option (if there is a backup available). If not, choose to set up the iPhone as a new iPhone option.

NOTE: If a backup isn’t available and usable for use, the sole alternative is to set up as a New iPhone and you will not be able to restore the data in your iPhone.

How to Exit Recovery Mode?

If you decide to change your mind You can easily remove your device from Recovery Mode by following the steps in the following steps.

iPhone 8 & Later: Quickly Press and release the Volume Up and Down buttons. Press and hold the Side button until you can see your device beginning with a white Apple Logo

iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press Volume Up and side buttons (ON/OFF button) until you begin to see your device start with the Apple Logo

iPhone 6 and earlier:Press and hold Home and Power (Side button) until you can are able to see your phone starting with the Apple Logo.

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