June 7, 2023
Insert Picture Into Excel Cell

How to Insert Picture Into Excel Cell

Here’s how to insert picture into Excel Cell If you are faced with the need to add company logos or product images in Excel.

Insert Picture Into Excel Cell

The Insert function of Microsoft Excel allows you to insert shapes, Icons and Pictures from computers and on the Internet to Excel.

This is useful in many scenarios at work. For instance, if you are making an inventory of items that you want to purchase, you could add an additional column that contains photos of the items.

After you have uploaded your images After inserting images, you can put them in Excel cells. This can cause them to move, resize, disappear or unhide them, and then filter in the cell.

So, let’s begin by taking an overview of the steps for inserting a picture into an Excel Cell and Lock the Image to the Excel Cell.

1. Insert Image inside Cell in Excel

Follow the instructions below to insert the image into a cell within Excel.

1. Open the Excel File where you would like to insert a Picture

2. Click on the Insert tab, then click on Illustrations, and then choose Pictures under Illustrations.

3. On ‘Insert Picture screen, select that Picture (or pictures) you would like to insert and then click”Insert button.

The picture you choose will be instantly available within the Excel File. Excel File.

2. Resize Image to Fit in Excel Cell

The default way to insert images into Excel remain on a distinct layer. You will be able to see them floating or moving independently of the cells.

This allows you to alter the size of the image to match the dimensions of the Cell within which it is placed.

A simple way to place a pictures into the Excel Cell can be to increase the size of the Cell then press the ALT key > move the image inside the Cell.

3. Lock the picture to cell in Excel

When you insert a picture into an Excel Cell, the image is not able to stay with the cell after you move or change the size of Cells within the worksheet.

You can resolve this issue by linking or locking the image to the cell into the cell it was put.

After the picture has been tied onto the Cell it can move, change size as well as hide, reveal and then filter with the cell.

1. Right-click on the image and choose the Format Picture option from the context menu.

2. In Format Picture window, choose the Move and size option under the ‘Properties’ section.

Following this configuration the image will be locked to the cell into the Cell it was set and will be able to change size, move, hide, and unhide, and even filter with the Cell.

NOTE: In order to Filter Pictures in Excel You will need to label or identify the images.

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