June 7, 2023
Hack Wi-Fi Password

How to Hack Wi-Fi Password on Android Phone without App

Have you ever thought about whether it’s possible to hack Wi-Fi password using an Android phone, without the need for a specific application? The hacking of passwords for any Wi-Fi network isn’t simple to do by any means. But it’s not impossible either. There are methods that you can hack Wi-Fi password.

So, if you’d like to learn how you can hack Wi-fi password with your Android phone, read on!

Therefore, before moving onto sharing the hacking techniques and tips for hacking Wi-Fi passwords with you We must start with the fundamentals. The various types of Wi-Fi security have to be recognized in order to be able to grasp the hacking strategies.

Types of password security for Wi-Fi connections

  • WEP-Wired Equivalent Privacy
  • WPS- Wi-Fi Secured Setup
  • WPA- Wi-Fi Secured Access

WEP (also known as Wired Equivalent Privacy, also known as Wired Equivalent widely employed method of Wi-Fi security across the world. It is however considered as the most weak kind of security, and it is susceptible to being hacked and also.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is thought to be a challenge to penetrate. But, it is a must for expert hackers to break it.

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access was first introduced in 2003, however there was a serious security flaw discovered in the system. This makes it extremely easy to hack Wi-Fi connections secured by WPA keys.

What are the ways to hack Wi-Fi passwords on Android phones that do not have an application?

There isn’t a specific method of hacking passwords on Wi-Fi, without an application. There are many apps that you can hack WiFi passwords effortlessly. There are however a few steps you must adhere to. One of them is WPS connect that can override the security of a Wi-Fi connection which has enabled WPS security. If you see Wi-Fi networks nearby that are protected by WPS and WPS connect, you are able to easily connect to any of these networks. It allows you to connect to Wi-Fi networks without needing a password.

WPS/WPA tester is a commonly utilized Android application for hacking into Wi-Fi. One of the main reasons for its success is that it is extremely simple to use, and only several steps are required to get the password. One of the USP of this application is that it can be used on phones that are not rooted and even if your device is root it will be able to work, but with a few additional options.

AndroDumper App Apk can an excellent application for logging access to Wi-Fi passwords for devices that are not rooted. In case you aren’t interested in or aren’t able to get your phone rooted, this application is sure to work for you.

Bcmon Android App works only on devices with root access. One drawback to this application is that you’ll need to install another application called Rever to use this application effectively. The whole hacking procedure could take several hours. It will depend on the size and complexity of the password.

The process of hacking Wi-Fi passwords is not an easy task, however these apps will assist you in a big way. There are solutions for both unrooted and root Android devices. But the likelihood of a rooted device hacking into an internet connection is more likely than one with an unrooted phone.

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