June 7, 2023
Age of Your Computer

How to Find the Age of Your Computer

You may want to find out the age of your computer before you start thinking about replacing it.

What is the Age of Your Computer? The Age of Your Computer

If your computer is slowing down, getting stuck, or having other problems, it may be time to upgrade.

You may be able to back up your decision by checking the age of your computer.

Another reason to determine the age of your computer is to decide if it’s worth upgrading the RAM and the Hard Drive on the old computer.

1. Use Serial Number to Find Computer Age

To determine the age of a computer, the best way to do so is to take down the serial number and then use that information to locate its shipping date on the manufacturer’s site.

The Serial Number of a computer is generally found on a sticker attached to the bottom or side of the Laptop, and on the backside or side of a Desktop computer.

You can use Command Prompt to find the serial number of your computer if the sticker is lost.

Type CMD into the Search bar, right-click Command Prompt, and choose Run as Administrator.

Type wmic bios serialnumber into the Command Prompt screen and hit the Enter key.

After the Command has been executed, the Command Prompt screen will display the Serial Number of your computer under the “SerialNumber” entry.

Go to the manufacturer’s website and enter the serial number of your computer on the Support page.

Depending on which manufacturer you are dealing with, you might need to click the View Warranty Details link.

You will find warranty details and the ship date of your computer.

The Ship Date is the date that the computer was shipped by the manufacturer to you.

This information can be used to conclude that the computer was manufactured at least a few weeks before its Ship Date.

We have provided below links to help pages for major computer manufacturers.

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba

Note You can use other methods to locate the Serial Number on your computer .

2. Get the Release Date for the Processor

You can also determine whether to replace a computer by looking at the release date of its processor. You can consider using the same computer for longer periods of time if the processor isn’t that old.

Right-click the Start button, and then click Run.

Type msinfo32 into the Run Command window and click on OK.

The Model Number of Processor is listed in the System Information screen next to the Processor entry.

Open Google Chrome or another web browser. Type Processor Model number in the search bar. Press the Enter key to continue.

These should return relevant search results that provide useful information about the processor including its Release Date.

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