September 25, 2023
Enable Photo Stream

How to Enable Photo Stream on iPhone and iPad

Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages from Photos Stream along with the necessary steps needed to enable photo Stream to your iPhone and iPad.

Allow Photo Streaming for iPhone and iPad

A feature called Photo Stream of iPhone lets you upload up to 1000 photos into your photo stream in iCloud and then view them across all of the iCloud associated devices.

Once you enable Photo Stream when you enable Photo Stream on your iPhone The photos you take with your device will be added to the iCloud account within the My Photos Stream Album.

Uploading photos via iPhone into My Photo Stream takes place when your phone is connected WiFi and the Camera App isn’t in use.

The advantages of Streaming Photo Stream

The primary benefit for using Photo Stream is that Photos saved within Photo Stream do not count toward your storage limit on iCloud.

But, be aware that images uploaded to the Photo Stream are only accessible for 30 days, and after that they will be deleted automatically.

It allows you to store and shoot up to 1,000 photos on iCloud and upload them to your computer in 30 days.

Another advantage in Photo Stream is its default ability to automatically sync photos across all of your devices. This means that photos taken on your iPhone can be viewed by any device, including your iPad, Mac and Windows PC.

1. How to enable Photo Streaming steps to enable Photo Stream on iPhone and iPad

All you need to do to enable a Photo Stream for iPhone is to turn on the option to upload images into My Photo Stream.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone Scroll down, then tap Photos.

2. On the Photos screen, toggle the switch next My Photo Stream to the On position.

In the future, any Photo you take with your iPhone will be uploaded to your My Photo Stream and it can be viewed on other devices.

The disadvantages of a the Photo Stream

In default Photo Stream downloads a compressed version of the Photos from all iCloud enabled devices to your iPhone. This leads to photos from other devices overflowing into the photos App in your iPhone.

While the photos you download are optimized to be stored but having copies of your photos from different devices on your iPhone could result in an insufficient storage within your iPhone.

2. Remove the ability to stream photos for your iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone has a limited capacity for storage, you might need to turn off Photo Stream to stop you iPhone from being overwhelmed by photos taken by other mobile devices.

1. Go to Settings > Photos > toggle the toggle next to My Photo Stream to an Off position.

2. On the Confirmation pop-up, press Delete in order to verify.

By turning off Photo Stream, you will block photos from other devices from appearing on your device. Additionally, it will stop iPhone photos from being uploaded to the Photo Stream.

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