June 7, 2023
Delete Stock Apps

How to Delete Stock Apps On iPhone or iPad

Apple is now allowing its users to delete stock Apps from iPhone and iPad. This is why we provide below a list of the Stock Apps that can be removed and the steps for deleting stock Apps for iPhone and iPad.

Delete Stock Apps On iPhone or iPad

Beginning in iOS 10.1, Apple allowed its device users to uninstall Stock Apps from iPhone or iPad in the event that anyone would like to free up room on the home Screen or to remove unneeded Stock Apps for any other reason.

But, at the time, the Apps themselves were not deleted from the iPhone. Only the user’s data that was that was associated with the Apps was erased, whereas they App themselves were kept out of view and weren’t completely deleted from the device.

However it is true that with iOS 11 Apple is actually giving users the ability to delete a lot of the stock Apps on iPhone and iPad. In this scenario the Apps will be deleted off the gadget.

List of Stock Apps That Can Be Deleted on iPhone/iPad

Here’s a list of the most popular Apple Apps that can be removed from the iPhone and iPad.

  1. Mail Calendar, Contacts Notes, Maps, Reminders iPhone, FaceTime Weather, Calculator Notes Activity
  2. IBooks, News, Podcasts, Stocks Tips
  3. Music, TV, Find My Friends
  4. Files, Watch App, Compass, Voice Memos, Find My Friends, Photo Booth, Voice Memos.

What Happens When You Delete Stock Apps on iPhone

While it is an excellent idea to delete Stock Apps that you are likely to never utilize on the iPhone but you need be aware of the consequences of having to remove certain standard Apps on your iPhone and iPad.

1. In case you erase the Music app, you might not be able to listen to music while driving using Apple or third party apps.

2. Similarly, deleting Podcast, iBooks and Maps will render these Apps inaccessible using CarPlay.

3. In case your Apple Watch is paired with iPhone and you delete a Stock App from iPhone is also a way to remove all data from Apple Watch.

4. You won’t be not able to access Weather and Stock Updates in the Notification Center, in case you remove those apps. Weather and Stock Apps on your iPhone.

5. In case you close the Contacts app details about your contacts will remain available within the phone App.

6. If the FaceTime app is shut down it is still possible to send and make FaceTime Calls through Contacts and in the phone app.

7. You won’t be in a position to remove the Watch app from your iPhone If your iPhone is linked to Apple Watch. It is necessary to remove the Apple Watch with your iPhone prior to being able erase it from the Watch App on your iPhone.

Delete Stock Apps On iPhone or iPad

Once you know what Stock Apps can be deleted and what happens when you delete Stock Apps on iPhone, you are able to follow these steps to delete Stock Apps on iPhone or iPad.

1. Press and hold on the Stock App that you wish to erase on the iPhone or iPad until the App starts to move.

2. Next, tap on the X icon at the top left on the Stock App that you want to remove off your iPhone (See below for an example).

3. On the pop-up that pops up, click on the Remove button to confirm that you need to erase from the stock App from the iPhone as well as iPad.

This will take away this Stock App from the Home screen and erase the chosen Stock App from your iPhone.

Reinstall Stock Apps On iPhone or iPad

Follow the steps below to restore or reinstall deleted Stock Apps on iPhone or iPad in the event that you decide to change your decision or inadvertently deleting the most crucial Stock App.

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone

2. Search for the deleted App in the App store by typing the name of the app in the bar for searching.

3. From the search results, tap the Cloud icon that is right next to the app (See the image below).

NOTE: Once the App is installed on your iPhone it is possible that you will be able to see the same app being reinstated on the Apple Watch.

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