June 7, 2023
History On iPhone and iPad

How to Clear Spotlight Search History On iPhone and iPad

If you’ve utilized the Spotlight search feature on either your iPhone or iPad you might have observed that it shows your search terms beneath the search bar but gives no method to remove the search terms. While Apple hasn’t yet offered an option to delete the spotlight search history however, there’s a solution to help get rid of your spotlight search history for your iPhone and iPad.

Spotlight Search on iPhone

The most appealing characteristic that is unique to Spotlight search is the ability to look up things via the web (like the web browser) and allows you to find things stored in your iPhone (Contacts Photos, Contacts Songs, Apps , etc.).

You can gain access to Spotlight Search on your iPhone by sliding down to the home Screen and then using it to swiftly start Apps or play most-loved songs by entering the name of the song into the Search bar.

It is obvious that finding a song through simply typing the name into the bar for searching is more efficient and quicker than the traditional method of searching at it in the Music app, launching it, or opening the Music App before finding the track through scrolling through the huge list of songs available on your iPhone.

There’s no doubt it is true that spotlight searching feature is an excellent feature to have on your iPhone particularly for users with a huge music collection as well as a plethora of apps in the iPhone as well as iPad.

Clear Spotlight Search History On iPhone and iPad

As we mentioned earlier, Spotlight Search can reveal your search history as it shows your search terms beneath the bar that is used to search for the spotlight.

Although there isn’t an official method to erase Spotlight Search History, there is a simple solution that lets you clear Spotlight Search history on iPhone and iPad.

1. From the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad click on Settings.

2. Next, tap on General.

3. On the General screen, scroll to the bottom and tap Spotlight Search.

4. On the next screen, switch the switch adjacent to Siri Suggestions to the OFF position (See the image below).

5. Next, you can switch Siri Suggestions to the ON position to allow you to continue using Spotlight Search on your iPhone.

The simple act of turning off Siri Suggestions will clear all of your Spotlight Search history on your iPhone and turning the Siri Suggestions off to a the ON position lets you use Spotlight search using an uncluttered new slate.

I hope that the capability to delete the spotlight search history is going to be made available in the near future by Apple with one of its coming iOS updates. In the meantime, you can apply this hack to delete Spotlight Search history on your iPhone or iPad at any time you’re in the mood to do this.

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