June 7, 2023
Change Printer Name

How to Change Printer Name in Windows 10

If you own multiple printers in your home, you might need to identify the printers so that you can find them easily. Below are two ways to change Printer Name in Windows 10.

Change Printer Name in Windows 10

By default the print dialog box within Windows 10 shows all the printers that you’re currently connected to, as well as printers that you before connected to your computer.

It is the case that all of your old or current Home as well as Office Printers showing up in the Print dialog box and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the printer you intend to print on.

Additionally, the default behavior for Windows 10 is to name printers by the Model and Make that is the name of the printer.

This can cause confusion, especially if your computer is connected to multiple printers of the same manufacturer.

Even if you computer does not have a connection to several printers, you might be tempted to change the name of the printer to something you are able to easily identify with.

1. Change the Printer Name using Settings

The most straightforward method to change the Printer Name to change the Printer Name in Windows 10 is by using the Settings App.

Select Settings, Devices and Settings. Then choose Printers and scanners from the left pane. In the right-hand-pane, choose the printer that you wish to name and then click”Manage.

Next screen click the Printer Properties hyperlink.

On the Printer Properties page, choose the General tab, then change the Name of the printer , then Click”OK” in order to save the new Name.

Then, you’ll see the Printer appear with a new name in the Dialog screen for printing.

2. Change the Printer Name using Control Panel

You can also change the name of your Printer within Windows 10 by using Control panel.

Open the the Control Panel Switch to Category view, then click”View Devices and Printers in the “Hardware and Sound” section.

On the Devices and Printers screen, double-click the Printer you would like to change its name. Next, select the link to customize your printer.

On the Printer Properties page, you can change the name that you want to use for the Printer and then click”OK” to save your new Name.

You should now be able to distinguish your printer as a host printer other printers that are listed in the Print dialog box.

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