September 25, 2023
Google Drive Files

How to Attach Google Drive Files to Email On iPhone

You can attach files via Google Drive, Drop Box and other Cloud Storage services to Emails that are sent via iPhone. Below are the steps needed to attach Google Drive Files to Email on iPhone or iPad.

Upload Google Drive Files to Email on iPhone

Google Drive is a popular and feature-rich Cloud Storage service which provides an impressive 15GB of free storage for all users with the Google Account.

So, you may wish to use Apple’s free 5GB of storage space to iphone backups on iCloud and then use Google Drive to store Documents and other kinds of documents.

In this light that we have, let’s go and review the steps required to Attach Files to Google Drive. Google Drive in Email using iPhone.

1. Download the Google Drive App on iPhone. Google Drive App on iPhone

It is the first thing to do. Download and install the Google Drive App on your iPhone.

1. Open App Store on your iPhone and search to find Google Drive App.

2. Once the App is downloaded, press Open to install the the Google Drive Application for your iPhone.

3. On the next screen, you can tap Sign-in to log in onto the Google Drive Account. Google Drive Account.

Following this step after this step, you’re now able to upload your files onto Google Drive and send them to yourself as Email Attachments to the iPhone and iPad.

2. Upload files to Google Drive

To attach Google Drive Files to Emails the files you wish to send via Email should be stored in your Google Drive account.

If the Files are not accessible it is easy to add them on Google Drive with the help of instructions provided in this tutorial: How to Upload Files to Google Drive.

3. Upload a Google Drive File to Email on iPhone

When the necessary Files are uploaded to Google Drive, you can follow the steps below for attaching Google Drive Files to any email that is sent via your iPhone.

1. Open Mail App and then tap the Compose New Mail Icon located on the menu at the bottom.

2. On the next screen, touch anywhere within the body of the Email Message to activate the Editing menu by pressing the Arrow button (See the image below).

3. Tap on the Arrow button and choose the to add a document (Even the option to add Video or Photo).

4. On the next screen, click on the option to browse (If you don’t land in Google Drive).

5. On the Browse screen, tap Additional Locations (if you don’t find Google Drive).

6. On the next screen, choose Google Drive.

7. Once you are within Google Drive, select the File that you would like to add to your Email by clicking on it.

After attaching the documents, click on the Send button to send an email message and the attachment.

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