June 7, 2023

Fix: Err_Name_Not_Resolved Error in Chrome

If you are dealing with “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” Error in Google Chrome browser, you should be able to fix the problem using troubleshooting steps as provided below.

“Err Name Not Resolved” in Google Chrome

When you see an error message reading “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” in Google Chrome, it simply means that Chrome was unable to find an IP Address matching the Domain Name of the website that you are trying to access.

In most instances, the cause of this issue for Google Chrome and other web browsers is due to DNS Servers from your ISP becoming over-crowded or busy, temporarily unavailable or experiencing issues

This issue could also happen due to Router Errors changes in the Network Setting and corrupted or outdated browser cache and many more reasons.

1. Clear Browser Cache & History

ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Error might be related to corrupted cookie files or due to cached error pages being displayed by Google Chrome browser.

Start the Chrome Browser, click on the three dots menu icon, then hover your Mouse over Additional Tools and click Clear Browsing Data.

Next, choose All Time as the “Time Range” Make sure that the browsing history, Cookiesand Cached Images are checked , then select the Clear Data button.

When you’ve cleared Cache or browsing histories, attempt to access the same page for the second time and check whether you still get this error.

2. Power Cycle the Modem or Router

The issue could be caused by an issue with the Modem/Router, and it can be fixed simply by disconnecting your Modem/Router to it’s Power Supply and Restarting it and then reconnecting it.

Unplug the Router or Modem from its Power Supply Source. wait for 60 seconds, then reconnect the Router the Power Source.

3. Flush DNS & Reset Winsock

The majority of DNS related issues that arise on the Windows PC can be resolved with flushing out the DNS Cache and setting the Winsock.

Enter CMD into the Search bar, then right-click on Command Prompt and then click the Run as administrator.

In the Command Prompt Window, type ipconfig/flushdns, then press the Enter key on the keyboard of your personal computer.

Next, type the next commands one by one and hit Enter Key after each command. Enter Key after each command.

  1. netsh winsock reset
  2. netsh int ip reset
  3. Ipconfig /release
  4. ipconfig /renew
  5. ipconfig /registerdns

After the Commands above are completed Close The Command Prompt window and Restart your computer.

4. Turn off Webpage Preloading

Start the Chrome Browser, then click the 3 dots icon and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.

On the Chrome Settings screen Scroll down to the “Privacy & Security” section and then click on Cookies and other site information. The next screen will shift the toggle next to Preload pages to speed up browsing and search to the OFF position.

5. Temporarily disable the Antivirus Software Temporarily Disable

Sometimes, third party Antivirus software can prevent access to certain websites, resulting in ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Error.

You can verify this by temporarily deactivating your Antivirus Software and once again try to access the site which was causing an error message on your PC.

6. Switch DNS Servers

If you often come across “Err Name Not Resovled” error, think about moving your DNS to Google Public DNS which is acknowledged to be speedy and has been rated to offer 99.99 percent uptime.

7. Make sure you are scanned for malware.

The issue could be caused by DNS configurations on the computer that has been altered by malware or viruses.

You can scan your PC for malware by using Windows Defender Offline Scan and Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool which is available from Microsoft’s download website.

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