June 7, 2023
Excel Password Recovery

Excel Password Recovery is Easy with these 8 Tools

Do you want to know how to retrieve those password-secured Excel files without causing damage to them? Check out these lightning-fast tools for speedy Excel recover passwords.

The majority of platforms allow you to retrieve your password by using this “Forgot Password” feature, however Excel is one of the few platforms that is a stand-out from the crowd. If you’ve ever set the password to an Excel spreadsheet, then you might be aware of the warning that you can’t retrieve the Excel file if you forget the password. What is the method to retrieve the protected by a password Excel file? Don’t worry! Password recovery tools are waiting to save you.

Different types of Excel Passwords and what happens in the event that you lose them?

Passwords in Excel can be broken down into mainly three categories: The file-level encryption, the worksheet-level encryption, and Workbook-level. Let’s examine them in more detail:

Level of encryption at the file

The encryption of files in Excel is the same as passwords to other document that you have on your system. The way it works is it secures the entire file, and only allows you to view or modify it after entering the correct password. Be aware that the Excel files’ contents will remain unnoticed in the case of encryption at the file level; you must recover the Excel passwords you lost even if you just wanted access to the workbooks.

Levels of encryption at the worksheet

Worksheet-level encryption is similar to read-only files; you can’t alter the protected components of the worksheet. Keep in mind that you are able to look at the content inside the worksheet, however you’ll require the use of a password to alter any information that is protected. It is possible to avoid getting your password back when you just require access to the sheet’s contents or duplicate it if the information isn’t too big. In reality, you’ll have to employ the Excel software to retrieve your password in every other scenario.

Levels of encryption at the book level

Workbook-level encryption restricts the structure of your workbook. You can’t delete, change sheets or move them within the workbook that is protected. The process of making changes to the secured Excel document can be a challenge particularly when you need to alter the structure of the workbook. It is also possible to do this with no password recovery if the task is not involving altering the structure of the worksheet.

What is the procedure for Excel Tools for Password Recovery function?

There are various methods to bypass the encryption by hand, however it is almost impossible to gain access to your Excel files without breaking the password. Excel software for password recovery are well-designed password libraries that include many passwords. The password recovery tools all check each password they have in their database against the password you have locked on your Excel sheet. If it matches the correct password it unlocks your Excel sheet is unlocked.

As insignificant as it might seem, each password recovery tool operates using the same principles to allow access to Excel documents. Does that mean that all Excel password recovery programs take approximately the exact amount of time, and work equally well? This isn’t the case!

The trick to making an effective passcode recovery tool is in making the algorithm more efficient and developing libraries with smart password suggestions. Developers typically come up with multiple password recovery strategies such as Dictionary attack Mask Attack, Brute Force attack and other attacks. In the future, the user has the option of choosing the one that is best suited to his needs. Each attack works differently and utilizes different libraries to accomplish the task.

There’s no need to look for the best Excel tool to recover passwords. these are the top ones created for you, together with their advantages and cons in full. So, let’s take an in-depth look at each of them.

Excel Key Passware

Passware is among the top rated password recovery tools available to Excel files. It comes with a variety of amazing options, along with some distinctive features. It has a very simple interface and works flawlessly for passwords of all lengths. Yes, the time to recover increases with every additional character added to your password, however, having a complete support system in password retrieval is an important increase in trust for the user.
As you may have guessed, the extensions used for Excel files have been changing significantly in the past. The good thing is that Passware is compatible with each Excel file type, including .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm and many more. The other feature that makes Passware stand out is the ability to support multilingual passwords. it includes 20 password libraries inbuilt that are extremely precise. In addition, you get the option of adding customized dictionaries in the event that you make an issue using the default ones.

The process for recovering passwords is straightforward; Passware uses a combination of password recovery techniques to determine your password. Recovery attacks comprise Brute Force, Xieve, Dictionary, Mask, Known Password as well as Previous Password attacks. After that you will be able to download an unprotected copy of the initial Excel file directly from Passware once you’ve had it restored.

ElectronicSoftTools Excel password recovery tool

the eSoftTools Excel Password Recoveryis an extensive tool that can be used with all of your Excel documents. As I’ve mentioned before the trick to making a reliable password recovery tool is the optimization of their algorithms as well as libraries. eSoftTools is one such program with a lightning fast algorithm that works behind the in the background. This means that you can get precise and lightning quick recovery of even the most difficult passwords.
You can pick from Dictionary, Mask attacks, and Brute force attacks. It is the Dictionary attack can be described as the most efficient but it is less effective as well as the Brute force attack is the most slow but it’s 100% sure. Additionally, the mask attack uses feedback from users in order to determine the password. This greatly reduces the time required to recover.

Furthermore the password recovery tool lets you set the length of the password in order to crack your passwords with ease. It also lets you view the logs of all recovered passwords using the eSoftTools software. Similar to the previous list it also creates a backup of the source file following the password protection has been removed.

Extra tip: You could make use of this tool in order to retrieve Word as well as MS Access passwords.

Passper for Excel

After testing a number of excel password recovery programs I can say with confidence it is that Passper is among the most beautiful UIs of the various apps. The main reason that makes Passper such a great choice is its ease of use. Through the entire process of recovering passwords there isn’t much happening within the interface.
In terms of the experience of recovering passwords is related, Passper does a phenomenal job of rapidly recovering passwords with various hacks. You can choose from “Recover Password” and “Remove Restrictions” as soon when you launch Passper. When you click on Recover Password just shows you the password for you file towards the conclusion of the procedure. You can save this password and apply it to the original file in order to access the contents.

However, the remove Restrictions option generates the duplicate file that is identical to the first one, but with no limitations. You can select any option based on the situation you are using it for. The next step is to select the Excel file, and then your preferred method for recovering passwords among Dictionary, Combination, Mask as well as Brute Force Attack. Following this step, the process is fairly straightforward; Passper excels of quickly recovering your password, and also making the Excel file usable once more.

Excel Password Recovery Last-minute

This Excel Password Recovery tool features a completely different user interface than the other tools found in the article. While other programs allow users to select between a variety of password recovery methods however, this one can crack the password of your Excel file, but does not offer any options for the user.

You might think that this will make the recovery process slower or render it less effective however this is not the situation. The process of recovery is swift particularly if you have an old 97/2000/XP/2003 file at your disposal. The average time to recover the old documents is only 10 seconds, regardless of the length of the password.
Excel Password Recovery Lastic Excel Password Recovery Lastic supports recovery for all MS Excel version straight from 97 until the current version of 2019. The greatest benefit of This tool is the fact that it will take multiple passwords off of an Excel document and reveal all passwords simultaneously. Then, you can use these passwords to access your Excel files or create a new locked Excel file based on your requirements.

Excel Password Recovery

The process of recovering your Passwords is a breeze with Excel Password Recovery. Excel Password Recovery tool by SysTools however, it’s missing the essential features. The tool can recover XLS as well as XLSX files. However, it supports a variety of extensions of files isn’t too extensive, it’s sufficient for a variety of scenarios. I would suggest other tools listed in this list if you wish to retrieve passwords for various extensions of files like .xlsm and many others.
The best part is it is possible to reset several passwords in one session by using this tool for password recovery. This is especially useful in the event that you have a lot of secured Excel documents and you want to restore them all quickly.

Additionally, this program’s cleverly constructed password libraries are able to support multilingual passwords, which include passwords that contain symbols and special characters. You can also save the passwords and choose to break the files after you’ve completed the recovery procedure.

A major limitation is that the tool is compatible with only the MS Excel version between 2000 to 2016, which makes it less efficient as other tools. While the feature for batch recovery is amazing I recommend using Excel Password Recovery only when you are certain of having the right files. Excel Password Recovery only when you’re certain that you have Excel files which this tool supports.

PassFab for Excel

PassFab is yet another easy sleek, quick, and minimal-looking password recovery tool that works with Excel files. PassFab is a password recovery tool that supports Dictionary Attacks, Brute-Force attacks as well as Mask attacks. The sophisticated algorithm that powers PassFab allows it to be a fast and efficient recovery tool. Additionally, the tool comes with powerful search algorithms built-in and also supports hardware acceleration.
These features greatly enhance performance, however the hardware acceleration is the best. It is a great way to boost recovery time on computers equipped with hardware that is supported. In the future, you may choose to recover the password or reset the file by removing its password and making sure that the data remains intact.

Stella Excel Password Recovery Software

Stella Excel Password Recovery Software is a great tool for recovering passwords However, its limitations are similar to that of SysTools. Although it’s a speedy instrument, Stella currently supports password recovery only up to MS Excel 2016.
The tool lets you select the best password recovery technique; Dictionary, Mask, or Brute Force attacks. It also supports passwords that contain specific characters ($ #, & *, @ etc. ) which makes it ideal to use for different passwords. Stella is also able to handle multiple excel files in one session, which makes it perfect for a variety of outdated Excel files.

My advice is to utilize Stella only if you’re confident regarding the Excel extension and version compatibility. If this isn’t the case then using the other options from the article are an option.

Accent Office Password Recovery

A brief overview of Excel password recovery tools cannot be exhaustive without mention of this Multi-purpose Accent OFFICE password recovery. The initial version of the software was released in 1999 and was compatible with MS Office 695. The program is now compatible with all the latest versions of the MS Office package.

It comes with a very simpleinterface with a low-key design Its main benefit is the speed at which it searches Excel passwords. It immediately finds passwords that protect against accidental changes to an Excel worksheet in every version of Excel. Additionally, it provides a few tips to locate the encryption password.

If you study the background of the protection options available in Excel you’ll find that the algorithm employed in the initial version of Excel 6-95 was a unique but incredibly flawed. In these situations the Accent Office Password Recovery can find passwords within seconds.

Did you know that there is no need to look up the password in Excel files 97-2003 because they utilize keys for encryption that are short? It is possible to decrypt Excel files without having to enter a password making use of an online decryption tool. No matter how complicated the password is the result will be assured.

The era of xlsx file formats began with Excel 2007 and continued until the most recent Excel 2021, which introduced very strong encryption algorithms. In the end, the speed of search decreases along with the difficulty of passwords matters. However, like they say that every cloud has some silver lining. And the best part is Accent Recovery supports GPU acceleration on AMD/NVIDIA graphic cards. The program makes use of all available graphics cards on the computer in order to allow GPU acceleration, which significantly increases the speed of searching for passwords.

And there is one more benefit of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery – it supports OpenOffice/LibreOffice files.


Recovery of Excel passwords is essential to gain access to essential documents and edit their content. The tools in this article come with each their own advantages and disadvantages however, I’d recommend using Passware or Passper for the most hassle-free recovery experience. They support a broad selection of file extensions, and provide amazing features. If you choose to use Stella or SysTools Password Recovery Tool, be sure you check for compatibility with your Excel files prior to deciding.

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