September 25, 2023
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7 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games To Check Out

The gaming industry has evolved to allow players to play and earn cryptocurrency games, regardless of whether they are paying-to-play or free-to–play. The hottest trend in crypto gaming is play to earn. Let’s take an inside look to see the real possibilities.

What are the Play to Earn Crypto Games

These games support game economies with native tokens. These in-game currencies can be used to buy, trade, sell and play.

Some games require a premium investment, while others can be enjoyed for free.

These games are still in development. This is especially true if you consider the graphics compared to other high-end Xbox or PlayStation titles. If you expect a great-looking crypto game, then you might be a little too early.

Keep your eyes on the economics and you will be hooked.

How do you verify a P2E gaming?

This is a new era. There are many bad projects out there trying to steal your money, so it is important to verify the legitimacy of any investment.

Tokenomics is the first thing you need to examine. How large is the token supply? What’s the release cycle? What are the incentives to hold or stake? Other use cases?

It may not be wise to have an unlimited supply of tokens. To keep people invested, stakes and holding must be rewarding.

There is no way to predict the future of a game. Avoid investing too much at the beginning and don’t invest with a loss-prone budget.

Crypto is one of the most risky investments you will ever make in this age. Make sure to do your homework before making any decisions.

Let’s take a look at some of the best play to earn crypto games.

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity is the most popular P2E crypto-game, and it’s consistently featured in the news to provide household income in weaker economies (read: Venezuela, Philippines, etc.). ).

Three Axies are required for the game. These creatures can be purchased from their marketplace. You can also buy eggs from Axies labs, and then wait for them turn into Axies. You can also breed Axies eggs to make new Axies, and then sell them on the market.

These NFT Axies will fight the other Axies within the group of three to earn their native token, Axie Infinity Shards. This governance token can be exchanged for real cash. You can also stake them to earn cryptocurrency staking rewards.

AXS is the only ERC-20 token available in-game. SLP (Smooth Love Potions) can be used to breed Axies. You can also exchange SLP for fiat currencies via cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The game also states the introduction of a no-upfront-investment model in the future with limited earning potential.

Plant Vs. Undead

Plant and Undead are tower defense games that allow you to play multiplayer. The game is about a planet hit by meteorites. In this world, the animals have become undead while trying to kill the mother tree. The flora, however, has also evolved and is ready to face the enemies.

The native token is the PVU, which is stored on Binance smart Chain. The in-game currency is Light Energy (LE). Both can be interchanged. Light Energy will be gained as you progress in the game. You can also buy PVU with real cash to exchange it for LE.

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to invest anything at all. Every player begins with some default assets that are free from cost-mother trees or non-NFT plants.

You will gradually gain seeds that you can use to grow plants that can then be sold on the marketplace.

PVU can only be used to buy game assets or transfer them to other people. This is not a governance token like in other crypto-games that pay-to-earn.

The Sandbox

There are many ways to earn in the Sandbox. To earn SAND, the metaverse cryptocurrency, you can be an artist or game maker.

VoxEdit allows artists to create useful assets. The Sandbox does not allow anyone to upload NFTs on their marketplace. To increase your chance of being selected, you will need to submit a portfolio to the fund’s creators.

You can also earn money in the Sandbox by renting land or creating experiences (ex. games). To design games, the game maker needs no programming skills . The Sandbox allows you to charge a fee for the experience, which other players will also pay.

This is a very ambitious idea. Metaverses are very similar to games so technically you will be charging people to play inside a game.

Buying land in the metaverse, then renting it out or selling it at the right time is a more sustainable way of making money. This is a metaverse that requires real-life perspective in order to make or lose money.

SAND, a governance token that supports staking, can be bought/sold on major exchanges.


Pegaxy, a horse racing game that allows you to earn money by playing. To race, you can rent or purchase a pega. The top three earning rewards in VIS (the in-game currency) are awarded to the player.

You have no control over the actual racing at this time.

Your role as a Pega owner is to ensure that the track elements are correct, select Pega and choose appropriate gear. Like other games, the racing is completely random and without human intervention.

Pegas can be purchased with USDT at the Pegaxy Marketplace.

There is also breeding that can create small Pegas. These offsprings are ready to breed or race within the timeframe established by their bloodline.

You can also combine two Pegas to get higher VIS rewards. Breeding and fusion can result in higher VIS and/or PGX (governance token) costs.

Racing, renting, and selling Pegas are all ways to earn. The staking system is being developed, as well as better gaming controls that will make the race skill-based.


Decentraland has a high earning potential and is a top metaverse. For all metaverses, the first way to make money is to buy land. You can then lend it out or sell it after a substantial appreciation.

Another way to make it interesting and challenging is to charge people for attending events or games.

The Sandbox is similar to it, but there’s an in-house tool that allows you to create experiences. The catch is that publication requires a parcel that you purchase with MANA (its native token).

A third way to earn is to offer your services as a landowner. This is just like what we do in the physical world.

Decentral Games was looking for employees to work at its Tominoya Casino in 2021. As an intern you could earn $200, $700 (20 hours per week) and $1500 (40 hours per week) as a full timer in the metaverse. The metaverse casino was eventually run by 20 part-time employees and one full-time manager.

These are just a few of the options available. You can also design and send the wearables to the community for approval, then mint them once you have received consent. The fee for registration is $500 per item (not per NFT). You can also list your wearables on marketplace to earn.

Decentraland, a computer-made imitation of real life with similar job opportunities and earning opportunities, is conclusively concluded.

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party focuses on having fun with little blankos.

This play-to-earn cryptocurrency game is primarily about earning by collecting blankos and leveling up. Then, you can sell them for a profit.

A blanko’s value depends on its rarity and attributes. The cheapest blankos are available for sale for $10 while the most expensive ones fetch $5 million.

It is not uncommon to find blankos selling for thousands of dollars.

In future updates, you’ll be building parties to give rewards to other players. This game is still in beta and offers daily quests to earn additional earnings.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Area is an easy-to-play and fun way to earn crypto. To unlock the native token Thetan Coin (THC), you will receive three characters free of charge. These can be used to unlock advanced characters, which you can also buy directly from the market.

Advanced characters are the best. These characters can evolve and trade NFTs for special events.

The utility and governance token for the in-game economy is THG (Thetan Gem). To earn staking rewards, you can also stake the THG token.

To further increase your chances of earning via gameplay, the game encourages you to rent premium heroes or share rewards.

Finally, THC can be converted into fiat currency through a cryptocurrency exchange.


It’s not wrong to say that earning crypto games is the next big thing in the gaming world. It’s even better if you can make a lot of money while having fun.

Due to crypto volatility, be cautious about games that ask for initial investments.

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