June 7, 2023
Nmap Cheat Sheets

10 Nmap Cheat Sheets for Network Admins and Security Professionals

Nmap Cheat Sheets – Network Mapper (Nmap), an open-source, free network scanner that can be used to perform network discovery and security auditing, is available for download.

It is a powerful and reliable tool for network and security professionals in penetration test and vulnerability analysis.

Nmap’s ease-of-use, accuracy, high performance, and flexibility make it essential to know its use. Nmap can be used to monitor service uptime, hosts, network inventory, among other things. Nmap Scripting Engine, (NSE), is another great tool that allows you to quickly create scripts and automate many network activities.

Professionals can find it difficult to keep track of all the options and commands. We have created this list of the best Nmap cheat sheets. Here you will find useful commands, examples, and objectives to help you when you need them.

Let’s take a look at them.

StationX Nathan House’s Nmap cheat sheet is impressive. It contains all Nmap commands, along with descriptions and examples. It is organized in different categories and presented in a box with subtle colors. This makes it easy to understand and digest. Nmap commands are available for scan techniques, target & port definition, host discovery, service and version detection, OS detection timing & performance, NSEScripts, firewall, spoofing, and other useful Nmap commands. You can either view it online or download the Nmap cheat sheet in PDF.

TutorialsPoint: This website hosts high-quality tutorials on a variety of subjects. You can use it to perform basic scanning, discovery, advanced scanning and port scanning. The Nmap cheat sheet is also included to help you quickly use Nmap commands. The information has been presented in an easy to understand format, with Nmap commands highlighted and examples for each category.

: Yuval Nativ created this Nmap cheat sheet. It contains various Nmap commands in a simple configuration. This file can be downloaded and saved to your computer. It contains various Nmap commands that you can use for basic scanning, discovery, version detection, firewall mitigation techniques, output options and Nmap scripting engine.

infosecsanyam.medium.com: If you are looking for a comprehensive Nmap cheat sheet to guide you while you recall some commands, this site is for you. Sanyam Chawla is the creator of this cheatsheet, and has over 1.4K followers on Medium. He has clearly defined Nmap and provided additional information such as UDP, TCP, TCP and other network terminologies. He then presented Nmap commands, including examples of scanning, output formats and Netbios.

GitHub – This Nmap cheat sheet is by Jason Bauer. This cheat sheet is a guide for scanning networks with Nmap. This cheat sheet contains key information about Nmap and how it can be used. He then explains Nmap commands, including basic scanning techniques, port scanning options and discovery options. Next, he demonstrates Nmap scripting engine, timing options and output options.

Comparitech: Compritech has compiled a great list of Nmap commands. Compritech has also included Nmap + Nessus cheat sheets. This will make it super easy to keep all Nmap commands in PDF/JPEG format or as a bookmark on your browser. This cheat sheet includes multiple Nmap options, including scanning syntax, scanning types and host discovery. It also contains post specifications, version detections, output formats, firewall proofing and other miscellaneous commands.

Hakin9.org – The most useful and simple resource for a Nmap cheatsheet is Hakin9. This resource is for network professionals and beginners alike. They have created a list of commands that include their syntax, descriptions, examples, and examples. It includes scanning commands syntax, port specification options and host discovery.

Networkstraining.com: If you are looking for a resource that contains Nmap cheat sheets with some Nmap tutorials, try this resource. This resource includes examples and case studies that will help you understand the concepts. If you don’t need the tutorial, the cheat sheet can be downloaded or saved to your browser as a guide. Nmap commands are available in the cheat sheet for scanning IP addresses, port commands, identifying OS, scan timings and discovering live hosts.

AllAboutTesting.org: Another useful Nmap cheat sheet you can use, regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced network administrator. It is easy to use and represents Nmap commands in different categories, with examples and syntax. It includes basic Nmap commands to scan a target, target ports and probe options. It also includes advanced scripts such as Nmap Scripting Engine, miscellaneous options, and other commands.

Steflan-security.com: This straightforward Nmap cheat sheet can be your go-to guide to recall useful Nmap commands whenever you require them. This cheat sheet provides a brief introduction to Nmap before moving on to the syntax and commands. Nmap commands can be used to specify ports and hosts, enumerate versions and services, identify OS and version, perform host discovery, configure performance and firewall evasions and manipulate output.


These Nmap commands can be used to identify potential targets and troubleshoot them , and protect your network from possible attacks . You can either save them to your computer or bookmark them to your browser so you can refer to them when needed.

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